Mr Ogilvie, you stated recently that “If I am asked I’ll resign” from the SFA.Well, on behalf of all right-minded fans of Scottish football I am asking you, please resign now, before you do any further damage.


You must surely by now see how untenable your position has become; Not only were you a Director of the former Rangers when EBT payments were being made & signed off accounts “In good faith” (thereby tacitly admitting that you did not scrutinise them at all, which may yet have legal ramifications) but you were also a recipient of an EBT payment in the sum of £93 000 when you left.


When Rangers’ dire financial straits became widely known the reaction was in the main total surprise; apparently no one had seen it coming. Why not? I know for a fact one person who had been saying for over a decade that this day would come: my father. Of course he couldn’t say when it might be, just that it most definitely would happen.


Let me explain: Between mid-1996 and April 2003 I was unable to visit my family in Glasgow, and was only an occasional reader of Scottish newspapers. I relied on TV/radio for the scores, and my dad for match reports & general football gossip.


I can’t remember exactly when he told me that Rangers would some time in the future come badly unstuck, probably around the time of the Tore Andre Flo signing. While he didn’t express it as such, his thinking boiled down to this simple inequation:


Big-name signings + concomitant high wages > gate receipts + sponsorship + prize money.


I mean absolutely no disrespect in any way to my dad, but if he (a welder by trade, not an accountant or mathematician) could see this so clearly, why couldn’t the mandarins charged with running Scottish football? I can only put this down to either negligence or wilful ignorance.


Now that the SPL Members have cast their vote & refused the transfer of RFC(IA)’s share to SEVCO (despite your & Mr Regan’s machinations) the spotlight falls again on the SFL. They have recently been subject to intimidation/bribery, to threats of losing the settlement payment & facing dire consequences if SEVCO are not parachuted into SFL Div.1, rather than having them apply for SFL membership along with other clubs who actually fit the criteria of having 3 years audited accounts etc (which SEVCO do not,) to fill the space that will be created in SFL Div.3.


As a former Director & shareholder in RFC(IA) you must see the huge conflict of interest inherent in your position & have nothing whatsoever to do with this process. You have done enough already.


Mr Regan, as well as your complicity in the above, in an interview which appeared in the Scotsman newspaper you made what can only be described as shocking comments about what will happen if SEVCO are not parachuted into SFL Div.1, and describe how Scottish football will suffer a “slow, lingering death”.


You then go on to say that, if they do not survive then “Without Rangers, there is social unrest and a big problem for Scottish society,” Apart from being akin to Enoch Powell’s infamous “Rivers of blood” speech, and surely as reprehensible, it is a disgraceful slur on all decent supporters of RFC(IA).


I have no idea whether you were too busy looking for new ways to subvert SFL rules (as you have already tried with SPL) to notice but, Newco/Oldco/history arguments aside, with the SPL’s rejection of the plan to allow RFC(IA)’s SPL share to pass to SEVCO, Rangers as a football team have now very much ceased to exist. I have not as yet heard of any riots going off in the Glasgow area. I don’t believe I will anytime soon.


With this outrageous & shameful diatribe you have lost any last shred of credibility you may have been clinging to and, as with Mr Ogilvie above, for the good of Scottish football it is time for you to go.


I look forward to an announcement in the very near future.