(I apologise in advance for some of the language below)

Dear all

Due to the increasingly dire financial situation I find myself in (fuck you very much ATOS/DWP/IDS/The ConDems) which is of course a consequence of the Tories idealogical desire to not so much dismantle as totally destroy the Welfare State (including the NHS,) with their feed the rich/fuck the poor policies, I am having to make more & more drastic decisions about what I can/can’t afford.

By far the biggest outlay beyond rent/electricity etc is the outrageous amount I pay BT for my broadband so, as early as tomorrow (actually later today) I will be cancelling my contract.

As a result of this my already sporadic online presence is set to become even rarer than usual, given that it will be restricted to library opening hours (unless one of my neighbours is daft enough to have unsecured wifi!)

This doesn’t mean that I’ll be disappearing altogether (though God forgive me it sometimes feels like the only option.) Not yet anyway.

In the meantime all my accounts (facebook, twitter, flickr & wordpress – the last 3 under the rabthecab nom de plume) will still be on the go, but obviously they’ll be updated even less frequently than at present. And, if anyone needs to email me I can be reached @ rabthecab@yahoo.com or the “temporary” (haha) account I set up several years ago, sherbitdab@gmail.com.